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Cedrick Johnson

Cedrick Johnson is an American designer of haute-couture fashion who understands the  dynamic relationship between subdued expression and endless imagination. He fuses indulgence with a romantic obsession to detail, producing avant-garde pieces that are as exciting to watch as they are to wear.   


Originally an engineer for one of the big three in the motor-city, Johnson borrows from his professional experience in automotive design as well as his midwestern charm to push fashion forward. He attributes his edge to his willingness to mess things up in order to figure out how they work. His reason is simply that “once you find out how things work, you can make them better”.  This can be traced back to his childhood in Detroit where Johnson’s curiosity would drive him to disassemble small electronics around his home and put them back together. That same ingenuity and visionary quality have propelled Johnson to success and to the forefront of fashion and design communities in New York and Washington D.C. as the head designer of Cedi Atelier


From celebrities to politicians, Johnson skillfully manifests the randomness of his thoughts into high-fashion that arouses envy and excitement for recording artists & entertainers like DweleAnita Baker, and Vivica Fox. He has also contributed editorial styling and industry perspective to fashion-spreads and columns for publications like The Michigan ChronicleVIBe Magazine and others. 

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